GDC 2021



Submissions for the 2021 scholarship are now closed and the recipients have been notified. We want to thank everyone who applied and helped spread the word. We will be offering the scholarship again in 2022, and we encourage this year's applicants to reapply. We also hope to hear from even more people interested in game audio and composition. Thank you again for helping us keep Stan's legacy alive.



Stan LePard, a talented and multi-faceted musician, was a fixture of the Seattle game audio and music scene for many years. His work can be heard in the Halo and Destiny franchises, Guild Wars 2, Battletech, Crimson Skies, and many other games and software dating back to the '90s. He was always willing to share his time and expertise with others in the community, whether they were a veteran or a fresh face that had just arrived in town. He touched the lives of many people with his humor, and spirit.

Earlier this year, Stan passed away unexpectedly, leaving a legacy of kindness and music, but also leaving an irreplaceable vacuum in the game audio community. In an effort to carry on Stan's legacy of enriching those around him with his experience and wisdom, some of Stan's friends and colleagues have come together to offer passes to the Audio Track for the 2021 Game Developer's Conference



A group of Stan's friends and colleagues on a variety of games have come together to sponsor three Audio Track passes to the 2021 Game Developer's Conference. They will review all submissions and will choose the three applicants that will receive the passes.

  • Maclaine Diemer, composer for Guild Wars 2 and Crucible.

  • Jon Everist, composer for Battletech, Disintegration, and the Shadowrun franchise.

  • C. Paul Johnson, composer/audio director for the Halo and Destiny franchises, and ProbablyMonsters studios.

  • Marty O'Donnell, composer/audio director for the Halo franchise, Destiny, and Golem.

  • Michael Salvatori, composer for the Halo and Destiny franchises.

Brian Schmidt, President of the Game Audio Network Guild, will be assisting the sponsors in reviewing applications.



The intention of the scholarship is to broaden the game audio community by welcoming new faces to the premier annual event for game developers worldwide.

Applicants may be aspiring game devs, students, recent graduates, or early stage professionals, but they must express an interest sound design and/or music for video games. There is no age limit, but the strongest consideration will be given to young people who will be attending GDC for the first time. Women, people of color, people in need, and other underserved or underrepresented groups of people are strongly encouraged to apply.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, this year's conference will be held online, therefore applicants can be located anywhere in the world.

We have no way to verify the authenticity of each applicant's claims. We are operating on the honor system and kindly ask that applicants respect the sponsors' generosity by being truthful in their applications. Thank you.



Using the contact form below, please submit your name, contact information, and a short message as to why you are interested in attending the Game Developer's Conference.

If you have a portfolio or samples of your work, please include any relevant links in your message. Links to a website, Soundcloud page, YouTube channel, Dropbox, Google Drive, or other cloud storage site are all acceptable. If your submission includes video or audio files, please limit them to a maximum of FIVE.